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Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT

Experience the next level of flash photography with the Speedlite 600EX-RT. This incredibly reliable flash offers wireless two-way radio communication, giving you the chance to utilize wireless speedlites with the dependability of radio triggering. Features: Expanded Zoom Range High Guide Number New Dot-Matrix LCD Panel Backlit Controls Internal Sound Generator Improved Hot Shoe Contacts Improved […]

Custom Brackets – CB Digital-T

The wear-compensating features makes tightening and adjusting during shoots a thing of the past. Designed to work with both the CN-JR and FT-JR, this bracket features spring-loaded tension which can be easily adjusted from horizontal to vertical, and its pivoting arm will reliably center the flash above the lens in either position. This bracket can […]

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Giotto Light Stands

Giotto light stands are based on sections of air-cushioning that makes for optimal support. All air-cushioned support legs are locked with special encircling clamp locks for fast and effective tightening. The mounting bracket is equipped with a 5/8” reversible metal stud that locks securely with any corresponding lamp mount and also contains 3/8” and 1/4/20” […]


Pocket Bouncer (LQ-101)

The pocket bouncer easily attaches to your camera in seconds and enlarges the flash at a 90° angle to distribute it over a larger area. This flash expands light six to eight times over the size of the flash itself. Exposure compensation is not required with automatic flashes, so operating distances have a minor reduction.

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Nikon SB-700

If you’re looking for a reliable, high-performance portable flash from a renowned company known for making high-quality photography equipment, you should consider the Nikon SB-700. This powerful flash gives you exceptional control over depth of field, and can be set up for wireless flash. This powerful, easy-to-use shoe mount flash is great for professional photographers […]

PocketWizard PLUS III

Get the most out of your remote flash with the reliable and feature-packed PocketWizard Plus III. Because this is an Auto-Sensing Transceiver, you don’t need to worry about having to manually switch between transmit and receive anymore. And, because this is reverse-compatible with all previously made PocketWizard radios, you don’t need to worry about having […]

Quantum Instruments QB1+ 1 Battery

The Quantum Battery 1+ (QB1+) has set the standard for convenience and reliability when it comes to powering flashes. The QB1+ carries enough charge to power 250 full-power manual flashes or more than 1,000 automatic flashes. It is designed to attach to your belt and comes with an optional strap to carry the battery. The […]

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Rogue FlashBenders

Rogue FlashBenders are hand sewn with custom fabric, rods and fasteners to ensure quality and durability. FlashBenders can be used in off-camera or on-camera settings and offer a unique way to manipulate light and shadow in your images. The white reflective surface of Rogue FlashBenders will not alter the color temperature of the flash.

Sekonic – L-758D Light Meter

Unlike other light meters, the L-758D sets itself apart from the rest by actually reading light in the same way your specific camera reads light. By fully understanding the optical, mechanical and imaging components, this light meter will help you control light and exposures and take better pictures than ever before.


Folding Flip

Make red-eye and harsh shadows a thing of the past with the Stroboframe Folding Flip Model from Tiffen. This foldable flash rotating bracket can fit most 35mm and digital cameras, and its expanded base can accommodate multiple cameras. At just 8 pounds, this surprisingly lightweight yet sturdy bracket is conveniently portable. The portable design enables […]

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Westcott 406 uLite Umbrella Kit

The Westcott Ulite 2 Light Unbrella Kit is an excellent start-up lighting kit that provides ample lighting for studio shoots and low-light settings. The kit contains: Two 250W Floodlights Two 32” (81 cm) White Unbrellas Two 6” (1.8m) Light Stands